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My Purpose & Passion Behind this Technology

In my personal health journey, I have tried many modalities to reach my health goals. Exhausting myself financially. Setting out to be a truth seeker, I had to take my very logical mind and expand it. I searched far and wide to find answers as to what works and doesn’t work. Bio-resonance is something I have witnessed that works regardless of where you are in your health journey. Whether you want to maintain your health or seek to support your body to reach homeostasis for a specific health issue. It’s a tool to help your body work more optimally, and one I have become very passionate about. I have witnessed and experienced so many positive benefits from this technology in my own health, as well as meeting many others who have done the same. Since I have experienced so many benefits myself, I find it necessary to help share this technology with as many people as possible.

How can bioresonance help you?

Bio-resonance frequencies are incredible for the fact that it can give your body the support it needs to function more optimally, so it can reach homeostasis and a state of balance at a more constant rate. Which in reality, is what we all want. Yet in today’s world it can be an overwhelming process to get there. There are just TOO many options and it seems like one has to either be extremely educated and/or, trial and error all of these different methods and modalities to reach a conclusion. The other obstacle is the financial means to own a device like this, or even a subscription can just seem to far out of reach for some, especially for those who do not work or have little income coming in (which is a lot of people who have been chronically ill for a very long time).

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How do I know which package session to sign up for?

There are two choices emotional support scans and personalized bioresonance scans. I encourage you to first go read the difference between the two under the "services description page." If after reading you still feel unsure I encourage you to reach out to me on my contact page. From there describe to me what your health symptoms and health goals are, as well as include if you are on a current health regime and I will give you my best recommendation as to how and if I can help you and what service would be best for you.

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Are these sessions all I need for my body to reach a state of balance?

Bioresonance is a complementary therapy. It works best when utilized in conjuction with a health regime, ideally under a health professional. When one reaches a state of good health and balance in the body, bioresonance can be used as a supportive tool to help support you to continue a state of optiminal balance.

Do I work with animals?

I do! Whether you have an animal that is dealing with short or long term issues I can help support them. I work with animals in the same way I work with humans. For more information just contact me through my contact page.

What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

-These sessions are powerful so first and foremost drink plenty of water the day before, the day of, and the day after. Listen to your body. If it needs more nourishment and support give it that. The ultimate goal is to put the body into homeostasis by balancing the energy and helping the body let go of what it no longer needs. -Personalized bioresonance sessions made for either you or a pet are virtually set to an hour. I do these sessions the day that they are scheduled for, however there is no specific time as I do them organically with how they fit into my schedule. -One on ones that include a report and binaural beats will require me to gather information from you, that I will then scan in my scanner and send the results straight to your email on the agreed upon dates that we set your sessions for. *It is recommended to use headphones when listening to the mp3's as they contain binaural beats to balance the right and left brain. Note the mp3 contains binaural beats to balance the right and left brain.

How has this device helped me?

-It has helped calm my nervous system down with binaural beats and specific frequencies that were customized for me and what I needed right in that moment, especially when my body was in a constant state of distress (THIS WAS HUGE WHEN I HAD MCAS and HISTAMINE INTOLERENCE)! -From an intuitive standpoint, and from someone who is interested in energy medicine and chakras I got to understand and visually see based off my reports what centers had too little or too much energy. This gave me incredible validation as to what was going on in my body. On an energetic level I didn’t feel so lost and I actually was able to gain so much insight that I got the confidence I needed to work on overcoming my issues and fears around seizures and how to be more intune with my energetic field. -Helped me not have to muscle test the plethora of supplements I had…which was not only overwhelming but also had a lot of room for inaccuracy, especially when I wasn’t grounded or feeling well which to be honest was most almost every day for a quite a long time. -Gave me incredible insight with in-depth reports notifying me of food sensitivities, specific supplements and specific treatments that can help me, specific imbalances in my body- including the chakras, organs, and meridians. Plus, it gave me insight as to what was my bigger issue at that given time; viruses, heavy metals, mineral deficiencies, emotions, food sensitivities, bacteria, parasites, allergens, specific organs, body systems, body functions, and molds. -It helped me gain incredible insight into learning about my body. Over time I learned what emotions needed to be worked on. I learned what emotions were correlated to what specific pathogen, food sensitivity, allergen, defiance etc.…which if you haven’t learned by now, emotions are a HUGE link to our health issues (look into German New Medicine). -It helped me understand as to why one day I had different symptoms then another day, as well as giving me the confidence in combating it, minimizing symptoms significantly. For example, my worst days I felt really fatigued, dissociated, feeling like I was coming down with a flu, like a huge weight was holding me down, and this device helped me identify that this was correlated to a heavier virus load in my body and if I focused on targeting viruses that day, I literally had little to no symptoms. Then the next day I would have extreme sensitivities, my nervous system felt overwhelmed and grounding myself and/or reaching a calm state would be difficult which would tell me if it was heavy metals, mold, parasites, lack of detoxification support, and/or histamine issue and with that I could take what I needed to target the issue and actually have a decent day! -Overall this device is an incredible educational tool, that gives a person spot on information to help you overcome health issues quicker, putting the body into a state of balance faster. Its validating, and it is packed with information that most blood tests can't even accurately identify.

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What’s the research behind these devices? How valid are they?

Totally hear you. I was skeptical myself. How can something I can’t hear or see even work? Well it started in the late 1900’s Russian scientists in the Russian Space Program, wanted to find a way to keep the cosmonauts (Russians who traveled into space) healthy. They wanted a way to monitor their health and be able to intervene and support their health while they were traveling into space. I mean if you’re in space you can’t just access a doctor when you need it. So, at the time, they cataloged the first 19,000 frequencies in the human body. This created a foundation to quantum healing with bioresonance frequencies and from there so many devices have come to creation.

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What’s so special about the device I have:

Honestly there are A LOT of good devices out there. However, this is what it boils down to why I chose this device. 1) most devices are thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars this one was under a thousand dollars and I had the option to just go in on a monthly subscription if I didn’t want to commit, I also had the opportunity to return the device if it didn’t work out. Plus its not some oversized bulky device, its something you can easily travel with and utilize wherever you have internet. 2) to really see the benefits of the device you need regularity- the group programs I looked into were too expensive and didn’t provide me with enough insight or control that I wanted and/or needed. Especially with the severity my health was in. 3) most devices are regulated by the FDA, which is great because it gives it more validity and attracts people to call it a medical device, however, I learned that those who let the FDA approve the device can no longer update the device. So, say a new pathogen comes out, they wouldn’t be able to catalog its frequency on to the device without the FDA approval. Then say they do get the FDA approval, in most circumstances they have to create a whole new device, or software that is expected to be purchased on top of the heavy price you initially paid. Plus, there is no room for updates and improvements- which we all know advanced technology requires this. 4) The device I have has every feature and more of any top FDA covered devices do, they have regular updates, their customer service is INCREDIBLE, they have incredible resources for continuing to learn, and they are literally always improving the device and its capabilities. What is also neat is most elite devices have 170,000 frequencies, yet this device has an additional 50,000 frequencies added on. To say this company is competitive and want's to be one of the best (if not the best) when it comes to bio resonance and using frequencies to put the body into homeostasis, is an understatement. 5) I have exclusive access to learn from a practitioner I admire who has used this device herself to help her heal chronic Lyme. She uses this device regularly in her practice as well as continues to use it on herself every day to maintain her health and continue to get invaluable insight that blood tests just don’t seem to offer. What is really cool, is anyone who is interested in a device and purchases through me, will get the same access to this practitioner, group support, and Facebook group all for free. Plus, a huge bonus if you want to dive deeper either for yourself or for your clinical practice she has INCREDIBLE in-depth classes for half off for those who are in this exclusive group. The classes she offers not only gives you incredible insight on how to use the device to its depth, but it also includes literally step by step details on how to learn to heal your body based on your readings and symptoms. It’s like accessing a doctor’s notes on their treatment regime for every single ailment that they treat. Plus, she is always updating it, as this woman literally continues to learn and grow in her education. 6) This device does way more than most other tests, devices, and tools out there. From binaural beats to put your nervous system and emotions into a state of homeostasis. To giving your cells, organs, and tissues the support they need to help reach homeostasis.

How do I know if I would benefit best from utilizing your services or buying my own device?

There are a number of factors to take into account. I offer my services as affordable as I can so many people who cannot afford these devices can obtain the them. However some of you who are on a very intensive healing journey may find it much more realistic to afford your own scanner. These are the factors that I would recommend considering to decide if you should get a scanner or not. 1) If you have more money to spend to support your healing journey- this is a tool worth having. 2) If you need services more frequently then what I offer. 3) If you take supplements - this device can save you alot of money as well as speed up your healing journey. (this feature alone made it worth owning). 4) if you would like to run daily scans to get insight on whats going on in your body on a day to day basis, have access to scanning and optimizing your body at the click of a button, imprint items with whatever frequencies you want, create your own playlists and run them as much and as long as you want and on as many poeple as you would like (ex great for families or professional businesses).

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What if I want to buy the same bioresonance device you have?

Please contact me, through my contact page. Or e-mail me at

Curious what health issues I have dealt with and where I am in my own health journey?

Personally I have dealt with adrenal fatigue, EBV (Epstein Barr virus), mold toxicity, seizures, MCAS, histamine intolerance, Lyme, Lyme co-infections, nervous system dysregulation, extreme sensitivities to light noise and movement (overstimulation), extreme vomiting for months on end, vertigo like movement for months on end, extreme GI issues and pain, hypothyroidism, hashimotos, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, dissociation, blood sugar issues, leaky gut, extreme hormonal imbalances, many food sensitivities, gallbladder attacks, parasites (hook worm, many different species of flukes, tape worms, round worms, and rope worms and I am sure SO much more as only 30% of parasites are visible to the human eye), heavy metal toxicity, mineral imbalances, candida, heavily suppressed emotions, eating disorders, and gosh I am sure there is more… In general, I am becoming to be at a state of peace in my health. The truth is, when you have acquired so many health issues over such a long time, the road to recovery can be a long one. Yes, there are those miraculous circumstances where people can heal quickly, again were all unique and no healing journey mimics one another’s. The ultimate goal is to regain yourself and your sense of life back, so you can live your MANY life purposes on this planet.

Will I ever offer more than quantum frequencies:

You bet! I am in the prcess of becoming a healer and teacher. It's a process I am being very kind and considerate with. Making sure I take my time to authentically go thorugh the healing process and accumulate, connect, and gather the right resources so my future offerings feel perfect and right.

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