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Services Description

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Emotional Support Scan Package Sessions (4, 6, 0r 10)

Through my own healing journey I recognized that true healing took place when I recognized not just my physical  symptoms, but my emotional, and mental, symptoms as well. 

These scans are ideal for those who recognize that they have a dysregulated nervous system (vagus nerve), imbalanced emotional state, and/or are trying to get added insight as to what the root cause and drivers of your health issues may be. 

These sessions require you to send a 10 second voice message, that will then analyze your voice to target what 4 primary emotions are out of balance. You also get a very detailed report expanding on potential root causes that are holding you back, along with an mp3 that you can listen to, to put your emotional state into balance. 

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Personalized Bioresonance Scan Package Sessions (4, 6, 0r 10)

These sessions are great for those who have unique symptoms that can be any mix of physical, emotional, mental or energetic. Depending on your top health symptoms and health goals I will make a customized playlist that will be sent to you for an hour in the frequency for either 3, 6, or 10 days set at a pace that feels right for you and your unique needs.

These sessions can be utilized to support your body in overcoming short or long standing health symptoms.

Works best when utilized in conjunction with a healing regime. As it supports the cells of your body to work more efficiently and reach homeostasis faster.

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Add-On Services

  • Playlist add-on is an option to change your playlist at any time we are working together. Each package session comes with one custom playlist that we initially set in the beginning. Where the package of 10 comes with two.

  • Emotional support scan add-on, where you can add an additional session in the alloted 30 day time period that your sessions is set for. 

  • Personalized bioresonance scan add-on, where you can add an additional session in the alloted 30 day time period that your sessions is set for. 

The add-on services are best to be purchased as we work together. It is not needed nor recommend to purchase before hand, unless you have a set plan with how you would like to utilize them.

Are you ready to support your healing journey with frequencies?

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